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Student Council

About Our Student Council

Student Council is a fun way for students to make new friends, be positive role models, learn about governmental procedures, serve for classmates, and promote school and community spirit and pride. In this organization, students have an opportunity to lead in approved activities.

Student Council Goals

  • Provide opportunities to develop personal and social responsibility 
  • Generate meaningful activities for decision making, interaction with peers, and leadership
  • Create opportunities for students to use many skills to solve problems, such as social skills, interpersonal, communication, academic, and organizational skills:
    • To create a safe humane environment for students, while learning how to be leaders
    • To develop respect for people that are different then themselves
    • To learn and demonstrate learning and caring behaviors.

Student Council Results and Outcomes

  • Increase of self esteem in the students
  • Increase of self-concept as a learner
  • To have caring behaviors within the school
  • To have acceptance and respect for individual differences
  • To provide many diverse opportunities for students
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